Band shutter with window patterns

Band shutter with window patterns:

This type shutter is intended to supersed the rolling security grilles in certain fields. At underground or covered parking lots, garages or shopping center's shops there is requirement the good ventillation, at garage gates the continuous frequent operation and the aesthetic appearance too. In opposit to the rolling grilles - where the joints of the elements have small structural connections – at the shutter’s laths interlocking each other with their full length. This structure completly eleminating the fast wearing out and split-up of the elements at the frequently used rolling gate. The shutter elements can be powder coated according to the RAL or other colour codes and can give a more esthetic look of the closure indoor or outdoor. There is safe ventillation can solved through the window pattern cutouts in homes, buildings or other properties.

Suggested field for use:

- department stores, supermarkets, markethalls,

- resinetial and summer houses, balconies,

- garage gates where ventillation is an important demand

- security protection of industrial buildings’ rear entrances, etc.

Material: zinc coated steel, aluminium, stainless steel or acid proof steel,  thickness of the laths, patterns : between 0,8-1,2 mm.

The band shutter with window patterns can be operated manually or electrically with different type of motorization. The mode of operation depends on the size and weight of the shutter.

The maximum applicable sizes 9 m width

Type options:

100/96 AS

75/96 AS