”Combi-S” type grill


"Combi-S" grills:

This group of grilles were patented in 1991. There is wide range of usage of these type of grilles. These can made in several type of patterns. The patterns can make compressible which is a perfect protection against intrusion on diffrerent machines, appliances. This type of grilles have the biggest ventillation therefore it is a perfect solution to install it on villas, shops, markets, etc.

Depends ont he type of the grill pattern it can be roll up or horizontally collapsible way of collection.

The grill curtain can be combined with solid band shutter elements.


Suggested field of use:

- department stores, shopping malls, market places, shops,etc.

- villa’s, summer houses, balconies,

- separation and protection of exterior and/or  interior spaces,


Material:  4, 6 or 8 mm zinc coated steel rods, zinc coated grill lamellas.

Depending on its weight it can be motorized or hand operated.

Maximal suggested width 6 meter

Type options:

- S 100/15-K

- S 100/5-K

- S 100/15-B