"Detective" type grill

„Detective” grill:

This is the most commonly used type of grill in our country. It can be used in- and ourside both. Its material can be 8mm diameter steel rod or 14mm diameter steel tube. The 8 mm rod is 8/91 ND and 8/91 GD type are accepted by the competent authority as a suitable security protection on registered  buildings with historic landmarks. The parallelly run horizontal elemnts get connected with easy clips, which make a perfect saladity and easy movability. It can be installed in front of any openings where the high security but good visibility is a requirement both.

There are „Special” types which have extra bars between the original patterns. These can provide more secure closngs where high values have to be protected. The grill curtain can be combined with solid band shutter elements. We also make these grills in fix, unmovable design as well.




Suggested field of use:

- shops, shopping centers, markets,

- villa’s, summer houses, balconies,

- separation and protection of interior spaces and outdoor use

- national monument type buidings      

Material:  8 mm zinc coated round steel bar, or 14 mm-es zinc coated steel tube.

Depending on its weight it can be motorized or manual operated.    

Maximum width: 8mm-es Material 4, 5 meter width without welding


Maximum width 14mm Material 8,2 meter width without welding.

Type options:

- 8/91-ND

- 8/91-GD

- 8/91-SP-D

- 14/97-NCS

- 14/97-SP-CS