Band shutter with custom perforated epigraph or logo


Custom perforated band shutter:


This type of perforated band shutter is a customized type of Sapi 100/93-TS solid and Sapi 100/93 PS-perforated band shutter which have been made for decades. According to the dimensions of the shutter there is an option to indicate your company’s name or sign, or any other special design pattern by perforating the solid elements of the shutter. As a result of this we can make a special look of your security closure to match the appearance of your company’s design. This sytem can give a wide range of creativity. This shutter can replace the old, earlier installed ones, and has a similar band profile as the old patterns which were manufactured since 2008. Therefore they can be combined or exchanged with these elements.


Suggested field of use:

- department stores, shopping malls, market places, shops, etc,

- villa’s, summer houses, balconies.

Maximum recommended sizes: depending on type10-15 m x 5-6 m (width x height)