Collapsible „scissors” grill


Collapsible „scissors” grill:

Archaic style security grill available horizontal or vertical direction sliding. By dint of its strong structure, it can provide protection in front of all kind of openings. It can be installed in front of shop entrances, shopwindows, but also a perfect solution for security protection on villas. The locks of this collapsible grills has been made our own since 1983.

It can be used to separate interior spaces where there is not enough height for collecting the moving grill. On collapsed condition of the grid can be reversible 180 degree on its hinges do not block the free space of the opening. Easy to slide it assisted by an upper guarded rail system and a series of double rolls. The bottom rails can be foldable up. We also can make this grill in fix uncollapsable version. It can be one or two wing design.

Suggested field of use:

- shops, protection of shopwindows, protection of doors and windows,

- protection of villa’s,

- separation and protection of interior spaces, etc.

Material: 20 x 4 mm flat iron.

Coating: Powder coated or optionally enamel painted

Maximum recommended sizes:

- one wing: 4000 x 2700 mm

- two wings: 8000 x 2700 mm.


Type options: