Split panelled tubular grill

Split panel tubular grill

Whith this type of grills we focused on the ability to produce large dimensioned security protections. Even 20 meters wide opening can be protected with their use. (upon the type of patterns and collection of the grill) We can make custom made patterns with the special spacing of the vertical connecting elements. The grill curtain can be combined with solid band shutter elements. We also can made this grill in fix, unmovable design.


Suggested field of use:

- protection for huge spaces ,

- separation and protection of interior spaces and outdoor use,

- protection of  industrial buildings,

- shops, shopping centers, markets,

- villa’s, summer houses, balconies, etc.

Material:  14 mm-or 18 mm-es galvanized steel tube.

Depending on its weight it can be motorized or manual operated.

Possible sizes: depending on the type of the grill and its rollup mode – it is possible to make grills up to  20 meters in width

Type options:

- 120/96-CS

- 100/99-14-CS

- 100/98-CS

- 60/97-CS