Perforated band shutter

Perforated band shutter:

We started to manufacture the perforated band shutter in 1993 which rapidly could integrate into the domestic building environment. We can apply very aesthetic and practical closure with this type of shutter. Using the perforated band shutter there can be continuous ventilation of shops or homes, it also can keep the insects and rodents outside. In shops using night back ligthing the selection of the goods can be visible thorough the closed perforated shutter. It is perfect to make safe closures inside in department stores, supermarkets or markethalls. It can be powder coated according to the RAL or other colour codes thus the perforated band shutter can fit into the interior of the building. The perforated shutter elements can be combined with solid band elements together, therefore arbitrary shutter curtain can be formed. The perforated band shutter is perfect for decorative covering or fence elements too.


 Suggested field for use:

- department stores, supermarkets, markethalls

- shopwindows, shops, places where ventillation is an important demand

- resinetial and summer houses, balconies, etc.

Material: zinc coated steel, aluminium, stainless steel or acid proof steel,  thickness of the laths, patterns : between 0,8-1,2 mm.

The perforated band shutter can be operated manually or electrically with different type of motorization. The mode of operation depends on the size and weight of the shutter.

The maximum applicable sizes are depending on the type of the shutter: 10-15 m x 5-6 m (width x height)

Type options: