"Politroll” solid polycarbonate security transparent shutter

 Politroll transparent shutter

With the design of this new aesthetic product we wanted to combine all the benefits in one product what the glass facades and the security grills can provide together. It can be used where high security and good visibility are common requirements. Really nice and practical security closing can be made with Politroll polycarbonate transparent shutter. We can recommend in and outside use. The polycarbonate elements are UV resistant, high strength, salad transparent or Bronze coloured, strips connected with extruded aluminum bars. This transpartent shutter can be operated with all the known electric motors and systems. For special requirement we can powder coat the aluminum elements, and make ventiilation holes on the polycarbonate elements. This transparent shutter holds the highest security certification among our own made products, issued by MABISZ (the alliance of the Hungarian insurance companies)


Material:  6 mm thick transparent polikarbonate, anodized extruded aluminum elements

Maximal suggested width6 meter


Type options

- Politroll transparent shutter