Solid band shutter

Solid band shutter:

This type is suitable where transparency is not required. It usually mades of high-strength steel sheet laths, and can be manufactured custom made to suit openings even with large sizes. This is the mostly used security shutter type all over in Europe. The shutter elements can be powder coated according to the RAL or other colour codes and can give a more esthetic look of the closure indoor or outdoor.

The solid shutter elements can be combined with perforated or ”window pattern” elements together, therefore arbitrary shutter curtain can be formed.

Suggested fields for use:

- indoor space separation and security protection,

- residental doors’ and windows’ security protection,

- closure of parking lots, security protection of shop windows,

- security protection of industrial buildings’ rear entrances, etc.


Material: zinc coated steel, aluminium, stainless steel or acid proof steel,

thickness of the laths, patterns : between 0,8-1,2 mm.


The solid band shutter can be operated manually or electrically with different type of motorization. The mode of operation depends on the size and weight of the shutter.

The maximum applicable sizes are depending on the type of the shutter: 10-15 m x 5-6 m (width x height)


Type options:

- 100/93-TS

- 75/93-TS

- 54/99-TS

- 100/99-TS-D

- 115/97-SZ-S