Shutters and roll types

Type of our Shutters and Grilles

Our company has been manufacturing roller shutters, roller glilles, industrial and rapid roller gates. As a result of our continuous developments now we can manufacture 42 different type of roller shutters, grilles, and industrial roller gates. In present we work in our own 1700sqm production plant. Entering to new fields we developed and introduced SAPILUX 600 movable sunbreaking system for buildings. In 2009 the developers of Sapiroll Ltd. designed a new perforating system which one is able to design custom made epigraph, logo or mark onto the plain bans shutter elements.

For the motorized operation of our products we supply the best price/value gearmotors. For example for the industrial roller gates and rapid roller gates on the side end of the shafts we assemble the German MFZ Antriebe GmbH products. If needed we can provide Gfa Elektromaten geramotors and controllers too.

Our standard products usually assembled with 1x230V Drum or Tubular motors. These motors have been purchased directly from the Italian Elsamec S.R.L. for 16 years. The low-tensioned electronic control units and accessories have been purchased from the Italian SEAV srl. for more than 20 years. From Masinara SpA Group we have been purchasing metal accessories for our other products for 20 years.

Our constant base of suppliers guarantee the good quality continuously.

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